Packaging tends to be designed to give you a great first impression, but after you take your product out, it usually ends up in the trash. This is why here at Sophetic we have designed an environmentally friendly package that gives you that great feeling of opening a treasure box when you first get it, and that after can also be reused for all sorts of purposes.

All of our wallets come inside of a wooden box made out of recycled wood. They have been designed with gears to make them more resistant. They are laser cut and laser engraved and the pieces have been put together manually by expert carpenters. 

Once you take out your Sophetic wallet and start using it, the box can be reused for various services. You can put in on your work desk and store post-its, business cards, pens, or perhaps it can be your new coin box. Don't we all have many various objects lying around our desk or our night stand and we have nowhere to put them? Well, now we do.